Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 9

"Know the difference between setback and failure. Setback: You slipped up. Screwed up. Lost focus. Gave in. Got busy. Got lazy or distracted yourself.  Failure: You decided your health wasn't worth the effort"

Ok. Today is almost over, thank goodness! Made a shake to take to mom's this morning. Got there and she was a basket case. She'd fallen on her way to the bathroom last night. Just a small bruise on her finger. Sounds like she slipped in her socks on the linoleum between her bedroom carpet and the bathroom rug. She wasn't really hurt, just felt stupid about it. She seemed fine, but really weak and shaky - more so than normal. She was upset because she was under 100 lb today (98). She was 104 at the doctor's office and that was with shoes and all her clothes on! Doc said she was 107 last time, so still losing. Doc told her to drink her Ensure 2x a day ( I think she stopped when she moved into the retirement community and they were feeding her a big lunch every day - thought that was enough. One meal a day is not enough. ) Doc told her to eat even when she's not hungry and to drink lots of water and do some exercise. Gave her a maintenance inhaler for her breathing. She is to use it every night as well as her rescue inhaler. Don't think she uses it as much as she should.

Got back to her complex in time for her to go to lunch. I went home. Hubs called to tell me a check had gone through we had thought had already gone through the bank for one of the landlords. We have an appointment next monday to go over the year-end stuff and set up the new operating line, but I need to figure out how much it is going to take to get through the next couple of weeks. I hate bookkeeping - and my dad was an accountant!

Got home and let the dogs out and had some pickles rolled in ham. One of my favorites, but Subway sure looked good on my way by! I resisted tho! Yay me!

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