Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Beginning

I have had a blog called The Torn Pages for many years. In the past oh, say, five years it has mostly been sitting neglected. I recently decided I would start writing there again and I'm very pleased to say as of this moment I've written two posts. Nice, huh? Better than nothing! However, I have been trying to keep a paper journal of my most recent venture and I'm finding as a computer nerd who has actually worked with them for many years, it hurts to write with a pen and paper for any extended period of time. At least, if you want the words to be legible.So, I've decided to start this blog for that purpose. I apologize if you don't want to hear about all my day-to-day eating habits and struggles with my weight and/or sugar and my diabetes trials and tribulations. If I bore you or you are offended, just feel free to move along. I won't be mad. Honest.

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