Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 17

"Clear your mind of CAN'T"

Today has been another bitch. Had to do a bunch of bookwork (yes, again). I really don't know how I got myself into doing bookwork for my Mom, my youngest son (who also farms and has a baling operation) and us. My dad was an accountant but it is kind of a joke in my family that numbers and I hate each other. I can NOT remember numbers to save my life. I can look at it, and poof! it's gone! If I don't write it down, I lose them in the ether.

Made myself a poached egg and warmed up one of my "buttermilk" biscuits to have instead of toast and sat down the way I'm supposed to when I ate breakfast. Then it all went downhill. I worked in my office (home office) until almost 3 p.m. only getting up to pee and get more water. So I wasn't having lunch until late and then didn't really feel like eating much so just nibbled on some carrots.

By suppertime I was fairly hungry. I made a batch of paleo fudge and put it in the frig and was anticipating it to the point that when I finally broke down and tried a piece before supper, I couldn't even handle a bite. BLECH. Next time I put something in it for sweetening. I can get by with banana muffins and a lot of other things without sugar, but chocolate? No. I have to have some tinge of sweetness. They are still in the frig, but they'll be going out tomorrow. That solves my question of whether I'd like the moo-less mousse more now that I'm on day 17 instead of when I made it on day 2 and couldn't stomach it. Lots of people said to wait and try it later on, but I'm fairly certain it isn't going to happen. Again, when the detox is over and I can put something (yet to be determined) in it to make it a little less bitter, then I think I'll have a hit on my hands.

Made hamburgers and I treated myself to a sweet potato and some green beans, since I was feeling particularily put upon. I know, don't reward yourself with food. Babysteps again, people. I'm getting there!

No change with the nose. Still running... maybe it really is a cold, although no fever. Time will tell.

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