Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 10

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

So I forgot to mention that yesterday on my way home I was barreling along at 68 mph (the speed limit was 65) and suddenly a message popped up on my vehicle dash that there was a problem with my wheels and my motor was being shut down to a reduced speed - 50 mph. I was almost to the turn off where the speed limit changes to 55, but at the time cars were zooming all around me as I was limping along at 50 mph. I called Hubs and he thought he knew what the trouble was. The day before I had gotten warnings because my tires weren't inflated enough - due to the extreme cold weather we've been having. So my brother-in-law put air in them for me. Only trouble was, he mis-read the gauge and put about 10 lb more per tire than he should have! He called me when I was down the road a bit and told me what he'd done and that they'd ride rough, but we didn't realize it would set off the sensors and do all this other stuff. At lease, that was my husband's thought. So I pulled off and shut everything off and waited a bit and tried again. This time it let me go to 55 mph and didn't give me any error messages, the check engine light just stayed on.

Today Hubs took some of the air out of the tires so they were inflated where they should have been and told me to just drive it - he thought the computer would figure it out and reset the code. So I drove about 10 miles and got fuel and when I started it up again to leave the check engine light was off. My Hubs is so smart! No permanent damage done!

Also forgot to mention that when we went to Mom's doctor, she told me the wrong building. It was a different clinic about four blocks further up the road. Oh well. We found it and weren't too late.

Today I stayed good. I even exercised a bit. When I say a bit... I do mean a bit. I rode the stationary bike I got from Mom. It is one of those that make you use your arms as well. Feeling cocky, I set the timer for 20 minutes and away I went. For all of five, count 'em, five minutes. I have turned into such a jelly wuss! Geez. My arms were killing me! I have to remind myself that was how it was before when I started using the treadmill. I was exhausted going 1 mile. Eventually I ended up doing 10 miles, so I know it will just take time.

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