Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 16

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough."

 Today has been a zoo. The realtor called and said the paperwork had come and we decided to meet at 2 o'clock at her office. I talked to mom and she thought she might be up to having her dog back. I packed up all her stuff and was heading to Mom's when the visiting nurse called to talk to me about the inhaler she is supposed to be using daily. Seems mom either isn't using it right or screwed something up because the 30 doses were pretty much gone. She did say mom's lungs sounded better and it seemed her oxygen level was up. We discussed a bit and I told the nurse that tomorrow was the day mom was to call the doctor and tell her if it was helping. If not, the doctor wasn't going to fill the perscription. I asked the nurse to call the doctor's office and explain the situation and let me know what they wanted to do. She called me back and said the doc wanted to fill the perscription, so I have that on my plate today as well.

Got to Mom's and she had just gotten back from lunch. Seemed very happy to see Maggie. Maggie seemed indifferent. Oh, well. The nurse also had suggested that Mom get one of the rails taken off her porch so she wouldn't have to walk Maggie when it was too cold, she could just let her out the slider. I explained we had talked about that before Mom moved in, but then Mom vetoed it at the last minute. Guess we'll try it again.

She was fussing about her TV needing adjustment and would she call someone to fix it. Hrm... I looked at it and changed the zoom and it was fine. Then she wanted me to look at her computer again. Can only seem to log into gmail about every third time. Every time I do it, it works perfectly. She keeps saying it is the machine. I think it is the Mom.

Went to realtor office and got all the paperwork signed and done. Ran to get mom medicine and a cable to tie the dog out with, then back to Mom's apartment. She had more boxes she'd emptied she wanted me to take as well as she wanted to look in some (clear) boxes she had on her shelves. Keeps humming about wanting to get rid of a set of shelves. Personally, I think she can use them but oh, well. I think I may have an idea to use one for an actual book - bookshelf then move the others over away from the furnace access. I also think I may take a folding table next time I go so she can set up her sewing machine until I get the laptop back to her. If she's having trouble with the desktop with Windows 7, I have no idea how she's going to handle Windows 8. I need to learn it first before I give it to her so I can answer questions "telepathically". LOL. I have a Mac.

Lastly, she wanted to go to the basement and see what was in her storage cage. I know she keeps her Christmas stuff there, and suitcases, and her one box with her Noah's ark collectables. Well, after Christmas my aunt had helped her pack all her things away. We start pulling stuff out of the cage (it is all put in there like a jigsaw puzzle) and find out the big plastic box on the bottom is empty! She'd bought a new, smaller box for her Christmas things while they were all out and she packed it all away without getting back into the big box and here it sat empty just taking up valuable space! Geez.

Home after dark, in one piece, and only cheated a little bit. Had a Subway club sandwich at noon on the road. I got it on wheat but that was the first grain I've had. Didn't even seem particularily wonderful... I'm sure a big ol' chocolate bar would have satisfied me more. At least it wasn't a horrible terrible no good slip. Back on the "horse" tomorrow. Interesting note: by the time I got home my nose was running like crazy. Wondering if it is just a fluke that it happened the day I ate bread? Or if it is just a cold and it happened to come on tonight. Guess we'll see if it goes into a full blown cold or goes away in a couple of days of eating right.

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