Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 15

"You must learn a new way to THINK before you can master a new way to BE."

It is Monday and I'm tired. I think I have a busy week ahead. The closing is this week for mom's house and the realtor is to let me know when the paperwork comes so I can go sign it. I've still got Maggie and yesterday I took ALL the dogs to the groomer (5, count 'em, 5 of them!). Thank goodness Hubs went with so it wasn't horrible, but did I have a car full. When the groomer brought them back her car was even more full as she has a lot smaller car than I do! We certainly got some looks when we took them in.

We also had an appoinment in the afternoon with our banker to talk about the next year and setting up our cashflow. Ugh. I HATE that part of this job. HATE is not a strong enough word. Spent a lot of the morning figuring out what to take, then didn't take all I should have. Stress much? Yes.

I was "good" through it all. The banana muffins I made a couple of days ago have been a lifesaver. Just enough sweetness to satisfy. I have to break out and try some new recipes though or I'm going to get bored fast.

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