Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 8

"Failure is a detour, not a dead end street."  -Zig Ziglar

Quite the day. Mom called while I was in the shower. She was sick (head cold?) and said the visiting nurse was coming that afternoon. I decided to go down and bring her dog Maggie home for a few days so she didn't have to take her out in the cold. Don't need mom getting even more sick.

Ended up calling a contractor mom had used for odds and ends around her place and he agreed to meet me at the house. Thought it was just snow blown in the vent but he didn't have his ladder (knew mom had one but didn't realize she'd moved out) and he would come back tomorrow or Wednesday to check it. He'll let me know what he finds. He's going to paint the ceiling where it leaked through as well, and hopefully it will match good enough we won't have to paint the whole ceiling. He would do that, though, if it needs it. I gave him the garage code and just told him to call me.

I called her insurance company, but the deductible is higher than what the bill will be.

Did use the trip to go to Whole Foods while I was in town. Nice store. I'd been there before, but when you are eating the standard American diet, you really don't find anything there that trips your trigger.

Got home and found out mom's rent check never got to them. So, wrote another and mailed it from the post office when I took my daughter's dog Bug (who lives with us full time now - the dog, not the girl) and one of my cats, Wellington, to the vet for some blood tests. They're having teeth cleaning on Thursday and they're both old so need to have blood work to make sure they can withstand the anesthesia. Also have to start antibiotics.

Finally home about 4:00. Whew! What a day! Visiting nurse called and said mom's lungs are clear, so that's a good thing! However, doctor office called and finally gave us results of the breathing test and said she does have some COPD. Doc wants to see her tomorrow morning.Oh, yay! Another trip!

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