Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 6

"Small changes can make a big difference."

Quite the day. started out feeling good. Made eggs and sausage for Hubs and I, then packed a lunch and went to my mom's. She is in a retirement community now and they serve a big lunch every day. I've eaten with her in the past and it is very good, just not 21 DSD friendly. I went with her to the dining hall and just visited. I wasn't hungry, so never ate my lunch.

After lunch she had errands, as usual. Then I headed home. By now, hungry. Stopped and bought a package of pistachios. They are on the approved food list. I can't remember ever having them before except in pudding or ice cream. They were really good!

When I got home I went out to supper with my Hubs, youngest son's wife and granddaughter. Youngest son is out of town at a "school" for a few days to learn how to set up a dirt track modified race car chassis he is going to start selling). At any rate, we were going to go to Hickory Park (a local restaurant) but they were so busy! Granddaughter gets hangry when she doesn't eat in a timely fashion - she's two and a half. We ended up going to Red Lobster. Because we were pretty early eating to accommodate granddaughter, we only had a twenty minute wait. Now my tummy was rumbling as well!

It was good and I tried to stay on plan as much as possible. The excitement of the evening was granddaughter spilling a whole glass of ice water in my lap!!! Cold and wet all dinner and until I could get home to change. Made for a very cold ride home, too!

Realized tonight my favorite almond butter I've been eating all week has SUGAR in it! DAMNIT!

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